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How RFID is well used in different Industries like Retail, Warehouse and others

Radio Frequency Identification called RFID refers to a technology where digitally data encoded in the form of RFID tags or smart labels are captured by a reader via radio waves.

A critical component of RFID Solutions is the RFID Tag.

RFID tags are the integrated electronic circuits along with an antenna composed of environment-friendly material to be patched on a product.

It replaces today’s barcoding technologies to a certain level as few forms of tags can be reused and can hold more data or electronically stored information.

RFID Tags cover a broad range of frequencies that offer specialty of RFID tags that are designed to meet various
Needs of every industry like retail, warehouse, jewelry etc.

What form the RFID Tags come?

RFID tags come in different forms and the most basic tags come in the form of paper labels and those are commonly used in stick and throw away scenarios.

For example. If you have a retail product like beverages, apparels or apparel retail products where it is scanned
for the billing and once paid from the customers the tag can be left with the products that are carried by the customers.

Whereas if you have a product to be sold that is a metal asset then we need a different kind of a tag called On Metal Tag. The reason is that metal tends to bounce off most of the RFID signals away from the surface where it is tagged and if you are not using the correct tag the other normal type of tags or paper labels tags will not work at all.

The key choice of having the correct tag is very important

Key Industries that use RFID Solutions

  • Retail – Tagging the products for security, easy stock audit & inventory management
  • Warehouse – Locating the products, stock audit and auto scan the incoming & outgoing goods.
  • Medicals– Easy to track, locate and validate the sterilization history of medical or surgical equipment.
  • Railways – Automated door openings of metro trains use RFID for smooth and safety operations of doors in boarding & offboarding.
  • Event Management – To authenticate the visitors/delegates
  • Educational Institutions – For attendance tracking or inventory tracking

Benefits of using RFID Technology

  • Gain Real-time data
  • Making the right decisions
  • Increased efficiency.

Below are the key RFID components or hardware to be known

  • RFID Tag – To patch on the objects, can be reused if it is of solid-state
  • RFID label – To patch on the objects, use and throw
  • RFID wristband- Can be used for monitoring patients in hospitals, opening money lockers, monitor fitness etc.
  • RFID keyfob – Presence sensing, access control
  • RFID Reader – To read the tag information and authenticate.
  • RFID System – A complete combination of RFID components like Tags, readers, software for data capturing.
  • RFID inlay- Electronic circuit component embedded in the RFID tags

Data that can be captured with the help of RFID solutions in Retail or Warehouses

  • Stock data including stock level
  • Advance notice of items on deliveries
  • Confirmed items on deliveries into store
  • Real-Time sales data
  • Batched sales data
  • Updates to Master Product File
  • Updates to Master Product File (Size and Colour)
  • Updates to Category information
  • Updates to Current Price Information
  • Original Price Information
  • Updates to Shelf Capacity/Display Quantity
  • Store number, Name, IP Address, Country etc

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