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How to improve the customers shopping experience in retail store

From Clicks to Bricks – and Back Again.
The development of new digital channels and online channel help customers to shop across a channel, but still, stores play an important role as customers still want to feel store environment, and try the product before buying. Shopping in physical stores provides a unique and social experience compared to new digital channels. Customers expect retailers not only to offer the right products, in the right place, at the right time but also right seamless personal shopping experience that shoppers find online. In their shopping journey, they wish to use various technology touchpoints to find information about products, stock availability, promotions, multiple deliveries, and payment options.

More shoppers now start their journey from online, but still, stores have tremendous opportunity to influence shoppers to purchase decisions and fill the gaps around e-commerce. Foresight Research investigates areas like convenience during last minute purchase in local stores, an in-store collection of online orders, discount, and destination for relevant quality shopping experience where physical stores can add value.

Physical, brick and mortar stores need to track and analyze shoppers visiting, browsing and buying behaviors like e-commerce and digital channels. Physical stores have limited data on in-store visitors and shoppers behavior. Customer facing In-store technologies can provide physical stores with these capabilities for analysis shoppers behaviors like in e-commerce. In-store consumer technologies can measure, track and analyze consumers activities in brick-and-mortar stores and shopping centers. Sensors monitor and gather information where consumers go in a store and how long they spend time in store or shopping center. Analysis of this information can help retailers not only to personalized shopping experience but also to improve customers’ satisfaction and customers’ retention.

There 3 ways in which to improve your customer shopping experience and sales

Satisfied employees make happy customers

Your employees are your frontlines. they’re the public face of your business as a result of they deal directly with customers. If they’re sad.
On the opposite hand, workers who are educated and well trained have high confidence and job satisfaction. Customers understand they’re good at their jobs as a result of they have been given the tools and information required to succeed. That satisfaction and confidence will be clear to your customers.

It all starts with Engagement

The first impression a client gets as they walk through the doors of your store comes from your sales team. If they’re disengaged that first impression is one amongst apathy. when employes can be seen standing around talking to one another behind the counter, checking Facebook while leaning against a show table, or playing invisible because they’re hiding out in a stockroom, customers know it.

That doesn’t build a good 1st impression.

Retail sales training teaches your workers to get within the game and have interaction with customers as soon as they enter your store. Delivering a basic greeting and having a real desire to connect lets your customers understand that there are useful, interested individuals waiting to help them. this can be the primary step in engagement, that is the first step in rapport building.

Be Happy that They’re Happy.

Many times workers cannot afford the posh products that they’re marketing to others. within the wrong employee, this could lead to feelings of jealousy. Those thinly masked feelings can have an effect on your salesperson’s ability to create rapport with the client. i feel that’s a leading cause of customers selecting to try to use their smartphone over attempting to speak to a worker.

The right retail sales educational program teaches your staff to live vicariously through the sales method. They learn to fancy the fun of getting somebody else to obtain the item, and that they see the worth within the expertise they supply.

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