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The Top 8 Grocery Delivery Challenges and How to Overcome Them

We have no idea who gave Covid to us. But one thing that Covid has delivered is home deliveries of our everyday grocery needs!

Nearly one-third of food retailers now provide home delivery services as a result of Covid. According to our research, 80 percent of online grocery stores have seen a staggering 178 percent increase in daily home deliveries!

This good fortune has come with a price. Their abundance has caused problems with online grocery delivery. The increase has spawned a slew of snags of its own.

The unexpected increase in orders has grocery retailers perplexed, as they are unable to manage the orders and maintain home deliveries, which are already a disorganised procedure. Modern retail is faced with an age-old problem: how to literally deliver the products!

While doing online food home delivery, many people face eight basic obstacles.

1. When an online grocery delivery fails and the store has to redeliver, the additional cost is equivalent to three new home deliveries.

2. Manual accounting and reporting take an average of 522 hours per year for an online food company.

3. A typical grocery delivery necessitates 8–12 follow-up calls per day to track delivery status, putting a strain on the manager’s time and the delivery boy’s efficiency.

4. The seven-word decree “No one is at home to accept” is the most common complaint about botched supermarket deliveries.

5. Every year, the delivery boy spends an average of 192 hours manually entering data for which he is, at worst, unprepared and, at best, uninterested.

6. To make matters worse, the delivery guy is forced to make eight unnecessary phone calls every day to identify and verify the address, as well as provide status updates.

7. To add to the suffering, the customer is forced to contact an average of three times to check on the status of his order and direct the delivery boy home.

8. Despite all of these difficulties, the store’s denouement is typically tragic; 41% of unsatisfied customers, even those who experience just one late delivery, discontinue purchasing at the business.

While there are difficulties, there are also solutions. Gofrugal demonstrates how to manage your online grocery deliveries on your own in three simple steps – with cheap prices, better efficiency, and happy endings.

1. Let customers schedule their delivery slot on your app

You can deliver within hours with your online grocery app, whereas e-commerce apps require days. Display delivery slots in your online ordering app and allow consumers to book them to make convenient and successful online grocery deliveries. Allowing customers to choose their own delivery windows improves first-time delivery rates and removes the dreaded seven-word dreaded decree identified earlier.

You can also limit the quantity of orders per slot, which will result in more efficient operations, more productivity, and a better client experience. As a result, customers are happy, and shopping is fun!

Vitasta farms, a Delhi-based online grocery store chain, has made this easy manner of arranging delivery available to their customers through their grocery app. They’ve cut order processing costs, expedited the delivery process, and increased customer satisfaction.

2. Upgrade omnichannel experience by adding a pick-up option

The store pick-up option is a success secret that most stores overlook and fail to use. Managing a huge volume of orders is difficult, especially when delivery personnel are scarce. Deliveries are inherently dangerous. With your own ordering app, you may provide clients with the option of picking up their orders at your location.

Jai Jalaram merchants, a wholesale confectionery dealer in Andhra Pradesh, has managed a high volume of orders with pick-up service and now has a 50 percent increase in productivity and pleased clients who appreciate this simple form of buying.

Pro tip: You may utilise the OrderEasy app’s push notification functionality to notify customers that your store is open for pick-up service.

3. Manage delivery logistics with a delivery management app

You can optimise your delivery process with your own delivery management system – GoDeliver – owing to fail-proof automation and fail-proof deliveries. As a result, clients are happy and orders are increasing!

All in all, GoDeliver delivers…

1.50% increase in efficiency by automating outdated processes like manual entries in the delivery book, assigning deliveries, follow-ups, accounting and reporting etc.

2.30% faster deliveries with optimum route navigation and delivery slot features.

3.0 follow-ups for customers as they get real-time notifications on delivery status.

4.100% fool-proof system that offers complete control on cash flows and returns.

5.70% savings on money, time, efforts and labour resources.

Kanchi supermarket, another food store, found the technology to be very straightforward and easy to learn and utilise. Their online grocery deliveries more than doubled, and they were able to manage them without hiring additional delivery staff. As the number of calls to follow up on orders and deliveries decreased by 70%, their productivity increased.

Hundreds of grocery stores have discovered that the OrderEasy and GoDeliver apps are simple to learn, use, and alleviate all of their online grocery delivery issues, turning a potentially disastrous situation into a plethora of opportunities.

It’s now your turn to earn!

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