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Top 20 most popular point of sale software

What is the point of sale?

A point of sale is a transaction that takes place between the seller and the customer when the customer purchases a product. Point of sale is commonly used to complete the transaction.

What is the Point of sale terminal?

Point of sale terminal is electronic equipment such as weighing scales, barcode scanners and cash register used by the seller for performing the sales transaction and processing the credit card payment. To make payment touchscreens and other hardware and software option are available.

Most common Point of sale systems out there?

Restaurant POS system: For a restaurant, the major reason you need a POS to recognize payments and streamline activities. You need to be prepared to monitor all your revenues and tax information. There can be hundreds of POS features that can design your operations and make your restaurant more efficient.

Bar POS system: There is a software designed specifically for bars, most POS systems used by the restaurants can be used for the bar. To handle the hectic crowd at weekends and the well-known bars need an efficient POS for a difficulty-free billing scheme.

Retail business POS system: Point of purchase (POP) is typically programmed specifically for retail environments. That implies you would probably never use a restaurant POS terminal for a retail store. Retail business can have some particular requirements and features that other programs will not have.

Small business POS system: A small business point of sale system could come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. Most of the new small business technology is app based and operate on mobile platforms.

Salon and spa POS system: Nail salons, hair salons, and spas all require a particular set of POS options due to the nature of the business.

Top 20 most popular point of sale software:

1. Gofrugal ERP software:

GoFrugal POS is a product Founded in 2004 by GoFrugal technologies, it is one of India’s major point-of-sale shopping and restaurant technology solutions. Gofrugal ERP POS software is a simple, easy-to-use option that can be built to satisfy the requirements of restaurant and retail shop owners. whether you are running a single store or hundreds. Gofrugal POS systems provide what you need from fast billing, precise inventory management, to accounting. Gofrugal POS can be integrated with an e-commerce solution that enables in-store and online inventory management by customers. Additionally, it helps with automating financial transactions and handle billing. In a single easy-to-use system, companies can handle all procedures from billing to balance sheet, accounting to CRM, and other procedures. It’s the preferred software to have a 360-degree view of your company activities in your company.

Why should you choose Gofrugal POS?

Easy to use: The point of sale software is very simple and easy to use and it is suggested to the customers who are using POS for the first time.

Reasonable Pricing: Pricing per registration is applicable at affordable costs – $16/month / register or $130/year / register on a monthly or yearly basis.

Available in various channels: Quick-service restaurants will enjoy the software on Android, iPad, and web-based software. This also enables various shops to be scalable.


  1. Billing and invoicing
  2. Analytics and Reporting
  3. Customer management
  4. Procurement
  5. Multi-store
  6. Warehouse management
  7. Alert
  8. Barcode integration
  9. Multi-location
  10. Stock management
  11. Point of sale
  12. Accounting and taxation
  13. Mobile support
  14. Loyalty management
  15. Offers and scheme
  16. Sales management
  17. Role-based permissions

2. Zoho Creator:


when each and every business is different and unique from one other, one software that solves them all cannot actually exist. Zoho Creator offers essential techniques and all the support you need to create custom applications all alone, regardless of your technical skills.
What is Zoho creator: Zoho Creator is a developer of online databases. Its simple drag-n-drop design allows you to generate custom apps that are specific to your company for every information sample need, identify workflow and configure business rules.

Who use this software: In any sector, small and medium-sized businesses. Zoho Creator is used by businessmen, small companies, educational institutions, and even non-profit organizations.

Point of sale features:

  1. Barcode Scanning
  2. Commission Management
  3. Customer Account Profiles
  4. Discount Management
  5. eCommerce Integration
  6. Electronic Signature
  7. Gift Card Management
  8. Loyalty Program
  9. Multi-Location
  10. Restaurant POS
  11. Retail POS
  12. Returns Management

3. Square point of sale software:

Square is a point-of-sale software (POS) intended to provide a secure and quick POS scheme for companies. Square gives you the ability to manage inventory in real time, such as changing item details such as price, name or quantity. The software processes transactions (via money, coins, and donation cards), swipe cards even without an internet connection, provides digital and signed bills, manages inventory management in real time, and creates revenue statistics and analytics.

Square Benefits:

  1. Simple and Powerful
  2. Paperless Transaction
  3. Intelligent Reports
  4. Manage Inventory
  5. Easy email marketing


  1. Employee management
  2. Email marketing
  3. Pay, tip, and sign right on your device
  4. Invoice sending and tracking
  5. Product customization
  6. Send receipts via email or text message
  7. Discounts and refunds
  8. Real-time sales data and history
  9. Real-time inventory
  10. Reporting and analytics
  11. Compatible with POS hardware
  12. Customer feedback
  13. Customer profiles
  14. Integrated payment processing
  15. Square API
  16. Integrations

4. ShopKeep POS software:

ShopKeep is a software that is easy, and advanced. It targets small business and has created a way out for food and beverage industry suppliers. The scheme is interactive, user-friendly and efficient to transfer your cash register procedures to modern iPads. ShopKeep is very flexible to any business type such as restaurant, coffee shop, retail, quick-service, food truck, clothing, and bar.

Why should you choose ShopKeep?

User-friendly interface: It is an easy and advanced technique where the nontech user can also easily adapt to the system and learn from basic training.

Back-office functionality: The back office characteristics are robust with a complete inventory capable of handling up to 10,000 products, transaction documents, accounting instruments, and governance of employees and customers.

5. Anvesha Departmental Store Software:

About: The software is completely designed to manage the departmental store’s system that provides full point-of-sale support to Super Market and distributors that can fulfill all the demands of retail store leadership. This strong Windows-based or Web-based technology automates POS scheme procedures and store management, simplifies wholesale distribution and supermarket management, and combine with other Windows-based apps that are higher. The software’s flexibility and scalability make it beneficial to all retail companies.

The software supports the organization types such as SMEs’, Mid Market, Enterprises, PSUs and Startups, govt, agencies.


  1. Inventory Management
  2. Billing & Invoicing
  3. Schemes & Offers
  4. Accounting
  5. Printing
  6. Analytics & Reporting
  7. Supplier Management
  8. Barcode
  9. Sales Management
  10. SMS integration & Notification
  11. Purchase Management
  12. Tax Management
  13. GST Report

6. Marg POS:

About: Marg POS is software which is very easy to use and simple to implement the solution. The Marg POS software is designed with features to improve productivity to manage transactions, accounting, discount & systems, records, invoicing, MIS, stock and financial reporting. Marg POS supports simple and quick accounting, barcode maintenance, reorder management, cashier & house delivery options, cash, credit or multi-payment assistance, shares, MIS reports & 1000, self-setup customization, and integration of email & SMS.

The software supports the organization types such as SMEs’, Mid Market, Enterprises, PSUs and Startups, govt, agencies.


  1. Inventory Management
  2. Barcode
  3. Touch Screen
  4. Billing & Invoicing Sales Management
  5. Email Integration
  6. Tax Management
  7. GST Report
  8. Analytics & Reporting
  9. Purchase Management
  10. Schemes & Offers
  11. SMS integration & Notification
  12. Order Management

7. Shopify POS:

About: Shopify POS is Shopify’s iPad and iPhone point of sale solution. The implementation enables you to use a control tool to handle your current transactions. It is regarded as one of the e-commerce industry’s most common and significant competitors. Shopify POS is an interactive tool, similar to its parent software, constructed exclusively for retail companies.

Why you need to choose Shopify:

Easy to use: It’s easy to navigate the scheme and you can move around its front and back-end features easily. It is attractive for organizations with limited training time and knowledge.

Plenty of compatible credit card processors: It is very easy and you can get many choices when it comes to making a payment gateway. You also have the choice to select another transaction handling provider.


  1. Accept Two or More Payment Options
  2. Gift Cards
  3. Custom Payment Options
  4. Refunds and Store Credit
  5. Multiple Sales Channels
  6. Custom Sales
  7. Discounts
  8. Portable Registers
  9. Custom Receipts
  10. Automatic Tax Calculations
  11. Store Management
  12. Product Management
  13. Inventory Management

8. Zeta POS:

Zeta point of sale software for retail store sales has strong administrative functions and delivers customized records to satisfy the requirements of the personal shop or community management. The software has a full built-in business management scheme that enables manage company from front desk revenues to the storeroom, rear desk billing, and all in between. The user can easily manage the entire store using this software itself. It enables users to retain complete sales and inventory control while providing a simple method of client checkout.

The software supports the organization types such as SMEs’, Mid Market, Enterprises, PSUs and Startups, govt, agencies.


  1. Barcode
  2. Service Management
  3. Sales Management
  4. Tax Management
  5. Membership Management
  6. Order Management
  7. Finance Management
  8. Supplier Management
  9. Billing & Invoicing
  10. Analytics & Reporting
  11. Schemes & Offers

9. Bindo POS:

About: Bindo is a cloud-based iPad POS solution that facilitates online shopping for the end consumer through the Bindo Marketplace. Bindo has built-in personal CRM and loyalty program to enable the merchant to communicate with the post-sale client. The app also has a real-time platform for analytics that enables better company actions and smarter inventory management. We have strong APIs that help third-party applications, including eCommerce sites, and cooperation with Quickbooks and Xero.

Bindo Marketplace is one of the most exciting characteristics. Essentially, we aggregate shops using our POS to a mobile app and enable the customer to buy directly through the Bindo Marketplace iPhone app from any shop on our system.

Why you should choose Bindo POS:

Retail and restaurants: While the business is specialized in retail technology, its POS item is designed to serve the retail and restaurant industries. This implies that it is appropriate for different kinds of company, from delis and coffee shops to pet shops and clothing shops.

Ease of use: It’s simple and easy to use, as with many classical iPad POS systems. The switches are obviously marked with a quick response to the interaction of your finger.

Matrix creation: It streamlines qualities and features that are created for each item


  1. Application program interface (API)
  2. Activity Dashboard
  3. Activity Tracking
  4. Customizable Reporting
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Invoice Management
  7. Real-Time Reporting
  8. Reporting & Statistics

10. Toasts POS:

About: Built entirely for the restaurant and food service industries, Toast POS is a strong option for all kinds of food service businesses, including bars, fast service, and full-service restaurants. Toast POS enables its customers to enhance their restaurant activities and more effectively operate their business. Users are able to create significant money with the software while simplifying the techniques required by restaurant owners to operate their business efficiently.

Why should you choose Toast POS?

  1. POS hardware for restaurants.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Real-time sync.
  4. Self-service functionality


  1. Gift and Loyalty Programs
  2. Inventory
  3. Online Ordering
  4. Business Visibility
  5. Table Payment and Line Busting
  6. Customer-facing Screens
  7. Flexible Android App
  8. Integrate POS with Payroll


  1. Customer Management
  2. Real-time monitoring via Remote access
  3. Loyalty programs
  4. Sales metrics
  5. Employee performance tracking through Sales Exception Reports
  6. Product Mix reports learning about your most popular items
  7. Digital Gift cards
  8. Personalized Webpage
  9. Kiosk for digital ordering at restaurants
  10. Access to Loyalty points
  11. Customizable Loyalty Rewards
  12. Different customization options according to restaurant type
  13. Restaurant Software updates
  14. Payroll and Team Management

11. TouchBistro:

About: TouchBistro is an iPad restaurant POS scheme designed to manage restaurant operations even without an internet connection. Its primary qualities include ordering, customer assist, payment processing, and board and floor plan management. It also provides full-service restaurant assistance. It also handles the inventory of CRM and restaurants, scheduling and management of staff, and reporting and analytics.

Why should you choose TouchBistro?

Hybrid solution: It provides a cloud connection as well as a local connection. The former allows you to enter the scheme from anywhere, while the latter eliminates the danger that the machine will crash when your internet connection is out.

Industry-specific solution: Because it is specifically constructed for hotels, it provides functions such as managing drop-out and distribution, splitting bills, and customizable menu modifications.

Flexible monthly plans: Plans are complete and you charge only depending on the number of licenses you are allowed to use.

12. Poster POS :

About: Poster POS was established by the same name business based in the United States in 2013. It is an instrument created for point-of-sale and inventory management for shops, hotels, and cafes. The cloud-based alternative allows you to handle your company in the cloud from anywhere in the world. It also provides a fast configuration that requires only about 5 minutes without requiring extra training.

Why should you choose Poster POS?

Compatible with any device: You can use the system on any device whether it’s iPad and Android tablets or Windows, Linux, and macOS desktops.

Available offline: During a temporary failure of internet connection, the device remains to take instructions and print cards and then sync them to the computer when the link is resumed.

Affordable pricing: It provides one of the most inexpensive POS subscriptions starting at $19/month. As for the setup of basic equipment, pricing begins at $500.

13. Vend POS:

Vend business in Auckland, New Zealand, was established in 2010. It provides a cloud-based POS alternative for retail management. Its product, Vend, runs all of your customer transactions — from payment processing to inventory updating. All laborious retail activities are therefore simplified so that users can concentrate their time and energy on operating their company and taking care of their customers.

Why should you choose Vend?

Hybrid Solution: It is accessible for a general retail alternative internet, in-store and in portable. It also remains to operate even when the internet connection is returned offline and syncs information.

Partner integrations: Connect to the accessible retail market with common sales tools or create customized changes on your API. It has profound Apple, Shopify, Square, and Xero integrations.

Simple, advanced tools: The system works on PC, Mac, and iPad.

14. Focus POS:

Focus POS is a retail management option that offers efficient leadership of multiple retail activities with enhancing in-store knowledge. Focus POS allows employees to provide customers with fast and effective facilities, providing an interface that meets the brand commitment and creates customer loyalty. The retail management solution is used to manage and optimize store performance and increase productivity. This creative alternative, designed to handle various stores with a price benefit, improves customer satisfaction through fast, precise and safe transactions.

This software is suitable for Retail, Fashion, Restaurant, Lifestyle. The software supports the organization types such as SMEs’, Mid Market, Enterprises, PSUs and Startups, govt, agencies.


  1. Dashboard
  2. Order Management
  3. Email
  4. Integration
  5. Membership Management
  6. Discount Management
  7. CRM
  8. Sales Management
  9. SMS integration & Notification
  10. Inventory Management
  11. Schemes & Offers
  12. Barcode
  13. Billing & Invoicing

15. BPA: Retail Touch POS:

About: BPA Retail Touch POS is a fully customizable retail POS scheme. It provides customers with accounting alternatives, marketing records, customer management, inventory security, and more.

BPA Retail Touch POS Pricing: For assistance and licensing, a single / first BPA Retail Touch POS permit charges $50 plus $40/month. If we purchase the hardware and use the software for that station then, it will cost $400/ station for the licenses. If the external hardware is purchased from the BPA retail, then the software is free to use.

BPA Retail Touch POS Features:

  1. Barcode Printing
  2. Sales Reports
  3. Discount Creation
  4. Time Tracking
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Food Cost Reports
  7. Payroll Management
  8. Accounts Receivable
  9. General Ledger

16. Rain Point of Sale:

Rain is a point-of-sale and blog scheme based on the cloud. Rain always keeps your inventory up-to-date with what’s being sold online and in your shop. The user-friendly software enables you to handle clients, attachment, category rosters, maintenance of equipment, purchase orders, accounts, calendar events, the inclusion of Quickbooks and more. Rains marketing suite, through email marketing and text message marketing, will maintain you to keep in touch with your clients. All clients are supported by unlimitedly.


  1. Barcode Scanning
  2. Commission Management
  3. Customer Account Profiles
  4. Discount Management
  5. eCommerce Integration
  6. Electronic Signature
  7. Gift Card Management
  8. Loyalty Program
  9. Multi-Location
  10. Restaurant POS
  11. Retail POS
  12. Returns Management

17. POS Express:

About: POSExpress enables you to do large stuff with your small business. We are specialized in providing specialist distributors and quick-service facilities. Our products are designed for speed, convenience, and security. POSExpress is based on Microsoft. NET technology and backed by SQLSever that allows you to process your operations reliably and quickly.


  1. Barcode Scanning
  2. Commission Management
  3. Customer Account Profiles
  4. Discount Management
  5. eCommerce Integration
  6. Electronic Signature
  7. Gift Card Management
  8. Loyalty Program

18. Hike Point of Sale:

Use our cloud-based all in one POS technology, eCommerce, stock leadership, iPad phone, and strong tools to boost your revenues. It also operates offline on any computer and operates.


  1. Barcode Scanning
  2. Commission Management
  3. Customer Account Profiles
  4. Discount Management
  5. eCommerce Integration
  6. Electronic Signature
  7. Gift Card Management
  8. Loyalty Program
  9. Multi-Location
  10. Restaurant POS
  11. Retail POS
  12. Returns Management

19. FastSpring POS:

Its eCommerce system focuses on offering a business-level alternative for the sale of products and the implementation of digital company shopping carts. It procedures subscriptions and purchases across the internet, phones, and in-app devices.

Why should you choose FastSpring?

Back office management: It handles all the back operations and make it easy and simple and manages online payments, payment processing, billing, VAT filling, and sales tax.

Omnichannel solution: Customer experience is customized through the app store as well as through an online marketplace on your blog.

Plenty of integrations: The product combines with various solution level from affiliate marketing, paid search, email marketing, analytics and reporting, conversion optimization, licensing and DRM, CRM, and site builders.


  1. In-App Purchases
  2. Subscription models
  3. Mobile Optimization
  4. Customizability
  5. Purchase fulfillment options
  6. Secured payment methods
  7. Developer Support
  8. Usage Tracking
  9. Android, iOS Compatible
  10. Customer Support for buyers
  11. CSS Control

20. Sanguine F and B POS:

Sanguines F and B POS is an outstanding open source solution for the F and B industry’s IT needs. The application is flexible and innovative as it can be implemented at various stores and can be customized to the particular or individual company according to there requirements. The software provides various billing types with one application and offers customers or clients with extensive control and managers with strong inspect. The company supports the centralized and decentralized configurations for policies. The software also supports local tax compliance.

The software supports the organization types such as SMEs’, Mid-size Market, Enterprises, PSUs and Startups. This software is suitable for hospitality, retail, food, and beverage.


The POS software can have many features based on the requirements of the customers and the industry.

  1. Billing and invoicing
  2. Sales management
  3. Mobile POS
  4. Table management
  5. Schemes and offers
  6. Analytics and reporting
  7. Delivery tracking
  8. Inventory management
  9. Order management
  10. Tax management
  11. SMS integration and notification

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